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Single Side Transaction
buyer or seller


agent representing both buyer and seller



$100 Off Your First Transaction
$50 Off For Each Referral*

Fees Charged In addition to base charges

$0 Cancelation
$50 Paper File
$10 CD or USB File

*Referral discount given after first COE with referred client


Listing (pre-escrow)
We will provide the following services* upon receipt of a signed listing agreement

  • Review the listing agreement and associated documents for completeness and make corrections when needed.
  • Create an electronic transaction file in the transaction management system used by you or your broker.
  • Pre-Open escrow if desired by listing agent.
  • Request Prelim, order NHD report and schedule the termite inspection (if required).
  • Prepare and send all DRE- and brokerage-required disclosures to the seller to complete along with clear instructions on how to do so.
  • Review disclosures once returned by the seller. Request revisions as needed.

We will provide the following services* upon receipt of a signed purchase agreement:

  • Review all contract documents including purchase agreement, counters, and agency disclosures. Ensure completion and obtain any missing signatures, dates, etc.
  • Assist with the opening of escrow.
  • Provide a brief transaction timeline to all parties.
  • If representing seller – send buyer’s agent the seller’s disclosures and reports within the 7 day timeframe (or per contract guidelines)
  • If representing buyer – follow up with listing agent regarding disclosures. Once received, review for completion, request revisions as needed and once complete send to buyer and agent to review and DocuSign.
  • Order the home warranty, if applicable.
  • Schedule termite repairs and obtain clearance documentation as needed.
  • Keep track of contingencies. Alert agent of upcoming contingency dates and other important deadlines.
  • Send reminders to agents regarding AVID, VP and other documentation.
  • Communicate with lender as needed for updates regarding loan status, appraisal and closing date.
  • Communicate with escrow to ensure that they have the documentation needed for their file.
  • Ensure that escrow is aware of any credits by sending addenda (not RR), as applicable.
  • Upload all documents into the document management system of your choice, or one that is required by your broker.Produce a commission
  • Produce a commission demand for your broker to review and sign, if applicable.
  • Upon close of escrow, review the transaction file for completeness. Obtain final closing documents from escrow. Submit file for final review.

*Other services may be provided upon request or as needed. We are happy to tailor our services to your specific needs or based on the uniqueness of each transaction.


  • Review draft escrow instructions
  • Review Preliminary Title Report
  • Review all inspection reports
  • Complete Agent Visual Inspection (AVID)
  • Negotiate repairs or any changes in the contract