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Let our professional team assist you with your next Real Estate transaction!

By hiring CTC you will reduce the amount of time spent processing paperwork, giving you more time with your clients. We are an integral part of your team, ensuring that the transaction runs smoothly from contract to close.

Flexible Hours

We work outside the typical 8-5 work day, meaning we are able to assist you when a regular office would be closed. We work throughout the day, evenings and weekends, depending on the needs of our clients and their current transactions. We have great flexibility to vary our schedule to fit your schedule.

Limited Number Of Clients

We limit the number of clients we work with so that we can always provide great service. We aim to make you feel like your transaction is the only one we are working on!


We will be professional, kind and responsive throughout the entire process. I would like to think that all TCs did this, but it is just not the case. We are representing you, so we will never make you look bad by being rude or  unresponsive.


Hiring a TC makes great financial sense and saves you time and stress. Let us focus on what we do best so that you have more time to foster new leads or nurture the ones you already have. Pay a flat fee at the close of escrow and feel confident knowing that your transaction file is complete!


Lance McHan

I met Natalie and her team about 8 months after I started in the business.
Things were picking up for me and I was getting overwhelmed. Being new and only having a few transactions under my belt she was a big help navigating the process and making sure we hit our timelines. We have worked some very challenging deals and late hours. I felt like there was always someone on the team ready to pick up the ball and run it in for the touchdown. You are in good hands with Natalie and her team.

Lance McHan
Realtor, Realty ONE Zoom Group

Nicole Roman

Natalie has helped me with countless transactions and is always extremely efficient, with quick response and follow through and has even caught a few of my mistakes. She is extremely diligent and I give her the highest recommendation as I have given her name to several agents recently. I really enjoy working with her!”

Nicole Roman
Broker, Roman Real Estate

Jennifer Evans

Natalie Garcia and her Transaction Coordinator Team are amazing! They have been my only TCs for several years and I am wonderfully spoiled. Natalie is super responsive and thorough in the details. She has a comprehensive knowledge of real estate transactions and forms that I rely on. If there is one thing that I have found in this business is that every transaction is different and something always pops up that I have to research. Natalie is always my first call and usually has an answer within minutes! She is proactive in learning a new area that we are selling in so that we are in compliance and prepared before the listing hits the market. When communicating with other agents and escrow, she consistently communicates professionally and gets the job done in a way that makes everyone happy. I think of her as my secret weapon.

Jennifer Evans
Realtor, Jackson Stieb Jr Real Estate

Kate Botterell and Chanda Corban

If you want the best TC in the business, they you want to work with Natalie Garcia! She is always on top of every transaction and nothing is missed. Her attention to detail and excelled work ethic does not go unnoticed. We have the privilege of working with some real professionals in our industry, and Natalie is no exception. She continues to go above and beyond on every transaction ensuring the client comes first and their needs are met. Rest assured, your clients and transactions are in great hands when Natalie is on your team!

Kate Botterell and Chanda Corban
Escrow Team, Escrow321

Jorge Vega

I have had the good fortune of working with Natalie and her team for more than 5 years. She has been a tremendous support to my practice and has allowed me to improve the level of customer service that I provide to my clients. Besides being extremely organized she is reliable and easy to work with. Things simply get done on time and her follow through is impeccable. Between the electronic signature systems and the online document tracking systems that she uses, you always have access to the files and are able to review important documents early. My clients love working with her and I value the level of professionalism that she brings to my team. My only hesitation in recommending her and her team is that I want them all to myself :-)

Jorge Vega
Broker, Community Realty Group

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